Saturday, January 29, 2011

Multimedia Is That? and Multimedia Functions

Multimedia Is That?
Multimedia is media (various forms of channels in the world of computers means a form combining various forms of channels (equipment) to deliver the message in the form of text, pictures in the graphical environment is generally used for the premises known animation and visual terms with the recognized voice audio terms, in one interactive hardware on the computer.
So it can be concluded that the computer is an interactive multimedia is an audio visual integrated (integration in a computer that can perform multiple functions, whether text, graphics, video, and audio files in one time and one equipment, either together or not.

Multimedia Functions
Multimedia functions to education and learning (interactive CD-ROM encyclopedia or dictionary interactive, CBT, computer-assisted learning, and computer managed instruction), computer simulation, voice recognition, virtually a reality, games, presentations, product or corporate profits, recording and playing files sound (WAV, MID RMI, MOD, VOC, SOU, erties ad creation, creation of video animation, production house, create video effects (blur, ripple, emboss, morphing, 3 D in the field of music can serve as a medium in the making of the song (MIDI = Musical Instrument Digital Interface), play VCD and so on.
With the multimedia equipment in your PC, you control some devices such as CD ROM, CD Audio, Video, TV, Laser Disc, radio tuner, facsimile, telephone, etc. using only one instrument, namely a computer with this media functionality by using the keyboard or move the mouse.

Excerpted from the book introduction to information technology

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