Sunday, October 31, 2010

University Scholars Programme (Information Systems)

Degree Requirement (2010/11)
Students in the University Scholars Programme who choose the Bachelor of Computing (Information Systems) major will take the IS programme, but with the following variations:

1. They will not be required to read University Level Requirements (20 MCs). (These are replaced by the appropriate First-Tier Scholars Modules.)
2. They will not be required to read IS2101 Business and Technical Communication. (It is replaced by Writing and Critical Thinking module of First -Tier Scholars Modules.)
3. They will have 8 (instead of 20) MCs under Unrestricted Electives.
4. They will read UROP modules CP3208 and CP3209 in place of the IS team project module (IS3102). CP3208 and CP3209 are independent study modules (ISMs) and they will also be counted as two of the four Advanced Scholars Modules (8 MCs).
5. 5. They will be required to take 24 MCs (6 modules) from the Programme Electives. Of these 3 modules should be from level-4000 modules.

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